Laserfiche Mobile for iPhone Now Available in Apple App Store

Just a quick FYI for those of you who use Laserfiche for your document management system.

The Laserfiche app for iPhone is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

Most document management systems have a web access component allowing documents to be viewed through a standard web browser. But Laserfiche is the first among document management providers to financial advisers to publish a dedicated app for a mobile device.

Some key features in the mobile app include:

  • Search across all documents in the Laserfiche repository
  • Search just for text in a document, document names, document field information (i.e. metadata), or any combination of the three.
  • Add a document to Laserfiche using the iPhone camera or by uploading an image from the device’s photo library.

After playing around with the demo repository, the app is fairly quick in its search function across included documents, though the demo repository is not terribly large.

Document previews are available for Microsoft Word documents by simply tapping on the document listing. To view PDF files, one must first swipe across the filename, then tap a document icon to open the export menu, then select either “Send as e-mail” or “View electronic document.” Once the PDF is downloaded, it can be exported to other apps compatible with PDF files, including iBooks, Goodreader, Dropbox, and more.

Nevertheless, I found the PDF preview process quite convoluted. It takes one swipe and three taps to view the file. Given the popularity of PDF files in a paperless office, this user interface in the Laserfiche app deserves to be simplified.

I like what I see in this app, but here are some enhancements I’d like to see in the near future:

  • iPad compatibility to take advantage of the significantly larger screen
  • Ability to limit or exclude searches in repositories. For example, I just want to see all documents matching “1040” in my client John Smith’s folder
  • Keyword search option while viewing supported files so users can find words and phrases inside a document. Today users can only perform keyword searches from the main search window.
  • An app passcode upon launching. Client files contain sensitive information, so should an iPhone be lost or compromised, it would be nice to require one additional passcode (in addition to the master device passcode) to be entered when subsequently launching the app.

Are you a Laserfiche user? Do you think you’ll make use of the new iPhone app? Why or why not?


3 Responses to “Laserfiche Mobile for iPhone Now Available in Apple App Store”

  1. Sarah Kellison June 17, 2011 5:33 pm

    Hi Bill,
    Thank you for taking the time to share some feedback! You’ve got some great suggestions here, especially around search options, and I will happily take them to the development team. However, I wanted to speak to your point about a passcode for the app.

    As per the app’s licensing agreement, demo mode is not intended to serve as a personal repository or to house sensitive information. The demo repository is reset on a weekly basis, so any new documents added will not be permanent. Instead demo mode is provided to make it easy for customers to test drive functionality, and thus, does not require login credentials.

    However, when a Laserfiche customer uses the app to connect to their own repository, the app will require proper log in credentials before any actions can occur. And the app’s security considerations go beyond login credentials, leveraging encrypted connections, full audit trail, and cache-free browsing.

    I hope this clarifies the passcode issue, and I’m glad you raised it! We put a huge emphasis on security and we hope customers will see that we have continued to uphold this standard with Laserfiche Mobile.

  2. Zaheer Master June 22, 2011 8:26 am

    Hi Bill,

    You wrote in the article “I found the PDF preview process quite convoluted. It takes one swipe and three taps to view the file. Given the popularity of PDF files in a paperless office, this user interface in the Laserfiche app deserves to be simplified.”

    Laserfiche has the ability to generate preview pages in the Laserfiche Client application for Windows and also in the full-featured Web Access client.

    If the PDF in question has had the preview pages generated, then in the Laserfiche Mobile iPhone app, when you select a PDF it immediately displays the preview pages.

    The other option is to download the PDF and view it in the iOS native viewer, but that process is significantly slower than previewing the PDF.

    I suspect that on the demo repository, those PDFs do not have the preview pages generated, and that is why it was more cumbersome. Using the app with our in-house repository, viewing PDFs is fast and easy!


  3. Bill Winterberg June 22, 2011 9:15 am


    Thank you for the feedback on PDF preview pages.

    Can you clarify how PDF preview pages are generated in Laserfiche?

    If I were a user, I’d just want preview pages to be created by default. That way I don’t need to worry about whether or not preview pages exist when I want to view a PDF in the Laserfiche mobile app.

    Can Laserfiche create preview pages automatically by default, or is this something that needs to be manually set on a file-by-file basis?