Yes, you can create financial plans in eight minutes

I connected with Neal Ringquist, President of Advisor Software, Inc. and talked about the trend he’s seeing of advisers turning to quick financial planning tools in their business.

One of Advisor Software’s initiatives for 2012 is to supply advisers with that tool, a web-based program it calls goalgamiPro.

“[Advisers] can quickly generate a plan and a conversation with a client, collate the material, so the discussion with the client is about goals. It’s about them, and it personalizes that discussion,” said Ringquist in an interview.

For more information on goalgamiPro and the trend towards quick financial planning tools, view the video interview.


4 Responses to “Yes, you can create financial plans in eight minutes”

  1. Tommy Sikes (@TommySikes) October 23, 2012 9:42 am

    Nice interview Bill. I appreciate your passion for uncovering and sharing these great tools. I learned of Blueleaf and inStream from you and use them both in my practice now.

    Keep it up!

    • Bill Winterberg October 23, 2012 3:09 pm

      Thank you Tommy! You’re in luck, as I have six more videos in my to-do list to get posted soon.

  2. richard hogard October 24, 2012 8:11 am

    would like more information