How to hide LinkedIn Endorsements on the new LinkedIn profile design

Financial advisers now have two easy ways to hide LinkedIn Endorsements and reduce compliance risks.

Several weeks ago I raised concern over the new LinkedIn profile design, as there appeared to be no way to hide LinkedIn Endorsements from your public profile (see: New LinkedIn profiles raise compliance concerns as there appears to be no way to hide endorsements).

This was especially problematic for my audience of financial advisers, as FINRA and SEC regulations prohibit the use of information that can be construed as a testimonial.

Fortunately, LinkedIn’s new profile design now offers two options to hide endorsements from your public profile. Watch the 2:00 screencast below to see how it’s done.

(click to watch on YouTube)


3 Responses to “How to hide LinkedIn Endorsements on the new LinkedIn profile design”

  1. Kurt Winiecki March 20, 2013 5:09 pm

    Hi, Bill,

    Thanks a ton. Very quick and easy.



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