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Financial advice can be delivered to more people at affordable prices when complemented and validated by technology.

FPPad exists to promote financial advice delivered by technology-assisted human advisers.

If your job is providing financial advice to others, or you’re a client that wants to receive financial advice from a professional in whom you have confidence, I believe you just found the site you’ve been looking for.

I created FPPad so that you have a fair, unbiased resource you can trust as you search for ways technology can increase the quality and scalability of how financial advice is delivered and received.

I Know What It’s Like

I’ve had the CFP® certification for over eight years, and before that, I spent ten years writing code (C and Assembly for an embedded 8051-based custom ASIC, if you really want to know!) before I changed careers to run my own advisory firm. Then I closed my advisory firm in 2009 to focus full time on building FPPad and providing technology consulting to financial advisers like you.

I know what it’s like to sit across the table from a client who is skeptical that the advice you give isn’t all that customized. I also know how hard it is to create processes and procedures when the needs of clients are just different enough to throw a monkey wrench in your workflows.

I know how incredible it is when a solution you implement cuts a process that used to take days to finish down to a half hour. I also know how frustrating it is to throw in the towel when a solution didn’t live up to its potential (or live up to marketing hype). This is the struggle I encountered, and I know you encounter it, too.

I’m a Client, Too

But I’m also a client in a financial advice relationship. I have my own CFP® professional that I trust is putting my interests ahead of his own. He also invests in technology that simplifies and facilitates the way that we work together. I live in Atlanta, he lives in Portland. But by embracing and using technology, we both can improve the way we work together, in good times and in bad. I am convinced that our relationship and our respective personal growth would not be possible without technology.

I firmly believe that right technology solutions for your relationships and your business are out there. This is why I created FPPad, so we can make sense of the constantly-evolving adviser technology landscape together.

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What’s Next

Thank you for making it this far! Here are a couple of links I hope you find useful in digging into the content I’ve created.

  • Learn more about me, my background, and my bio in my About Page.
  • Check out my YouTube channel (and you really should subscribe to it while you’re there) where you’ll find all my FPPad Bits and Bytes broadcasts plus a bunch of other technology-related videos and vlogs.
  • If you’d like help evaluating your technology options for your business, you can learn more about my consulting services here.
  • For social media, I’m most active on Twitter, and I stay pretty focused on adviser technology news and discussion. I’m @billwinterberg if you want to give me a follow.

On the Road

I also travel a bit to cover technology-related events and conferences, and I also speak at events, too. Over the next several months I’m headed to:

  • TD Ameritrade Institutional National LINC, February 1-4, San Diego
  • CFA Institute Conference: Wealth Management 2017, March 7-8, Nashville

If you see me on the road, be sure to connect with me and say hello.

That’s it! I’ll do my best to keep this page up to date as necessary, but I hope this gave you a great introduction to what FPPad is and how you can use the content available here to make informed decisions when it comes to technology you want for your business.

Last updated December 16, 2016