Webinar Host

Hire me to host, moderate, and promote your next webinar event to add energy and authority for attendees.

Below is a summary of the benefits you will receive when you engage me as a host for your upcoming webinar.

If you prefer to customize the benefits for your webinar, or engage in a series of webinars for maximum visibility, contact me for more information.

  • I will participate as a host, moderator, subject matter expert, panelist, etc. for your webinar.
  • You can host the webinar on your webinar platform or choose to use the webinar services of industry publications.
  • Two pre-production conference calls (generally one hour for each call) are included to review content, identify the agenda, create a list of seed questions for Q&A, practice presenting, etc.
  • Up to one hour of live webinar presentation time with Q&A
  • Recordings and archives of the webinar are permitted for your promotional use
  • I will email FPPad subscribers (approx. 3,000) to promote the webinar date and time

Fee: $2,000

Webinar Examples

Watch an example of a webinar I moderated for Orion Advisor Services, featuring integration updates from developers at Vestorly and CleverDome: https://orion.wistia.com/medias/c5jjbrendf

Watch a webinar hosted on Financial Advisor featuring the Citrix ShareFile solution: http://www.fa-mag.com/webcast—072116—tech-tips-for-firms-to-improve-client-service-year-round—citrix–replay