Wealthbox launches Wealthbox 3: Flash briefing for January 23, 2018

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AdvicePay Launches as First Compliant Payment Processing Solution for Fee-For-Service Financial Planners

Vestwell adds Morningstar Investment Management’s 3(21) Fiduciary Services to Further Support Financial Advisors in their Retirement Plan Decisions

Wealthbox CRM launches Wealthbox 3

Disclosure: Wealthbox compensated me to help create the marketing video for the launch of Wealthbox 3

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AdvicePay Launches with Support for Credit Card and ACH Billing

If you’ve wanted to take credit card or ACH payments for financial planning fee, there’s a new solution for you. AdvicePay just launched its payment processing solution this week for advisors who charge clients directly for financial planning fees instead of deducting a percentage of assets held by a custodian. Prior to AdvicePay, planners most likely received payments by check, as payment processors like PayPal and Stripe don’t work with financial advisory business, citing regulatory concerns. AdvicePay has over 280 advisors already using the platform and charges $50 a month per advisor plus transaction processing fees.

Vestwell adds Morningstar Investment Management’s 3(21) Fiduciary Services

In the 401(k) retirement plan space, Vestwell announced it will offer a select list of investment options under Morningstar Investment Management ‘s fiduciary services program. This partnership comes as Vestwell continues to make progress in the retirement plan space with its technology platform that helps employers and plan sponsors offer affordable, diversified investment options to employees while helping plan administrators also meet their fiduciary responsibilities to plan participants.

Wealthbox Launches Wealthbox 3

And in CRM news, Wealthbox CRM just announced the launch of its latest version of the advisor CRM called Weathbox 3. To mark the occasion, I joined Team Wealthbox as they sabered a bottle of champagne in a video that you just have to watch! But first, here’s Wealthbox cofounder Dan Ferranti on the new features advisors will find in Wealthbox 3:

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