Overstock.com to launch automated investment service: Flash briefing for February 5, 2018

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Overstock.com and tZERO Advisors Launch Robo-Advisor Digital Investment Platform from Businesswire

Yes, You Can Find a Financial Planner Even if You’re Not Rich from the New York Times

Everything New in Veo One® from the 2018 National LINC Conference from YouTube

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Overstock.com Announces Automated Investment Service

You never know when you’ll have the urge to buy a new sofa, portable generator, and, oh I don’t know, a diversified portfolio of low-cost exchange traded funds? Well now you’re in luck, as online discount retailer Overstock.com announced plans to introduce an automated investment service to its customers powered by tZERO Advisors. The service promises to match investors to one of several Adaptive Dynamic Portfolios managed by FusionIQ, or investors can customize their allocation among the portfolios on their own, all for a flat monthly fee of $9.95 instead of a fee based on percentage of investor assets like in other automated providers.

XY Planning Network Offers Affordable Fiduciary Financial Planning to Americans

Speaking of affordable monthly fees, millions of Americans think they need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to qualify for an engagement with a comprehensive financial planner, but that is just not true according to a New York Times article by Ron Lieber published over the weekend. Leiber highlights the XY Planning Network, an organization of nearly 600 financial planners who all agree to act in their clients’ best interest at all times, offer affordable recurring fees simialr to a cable bill, and be willing to work virtually with clients from anywhere in the United States.

Updates from the 2018 TD Ameritrade Institutional National LINC Conference

And to finish last week, I attended the 2018 TD Ameritrade Institutional National LINC Conference and connected with the technology strategy team to learn more about the latest enhancements to the company’s Veo One solution for financial advisors. Here’s Managing Director Jon Patullo with a key takeaway:

The feedback for Veo One ® has been tremendous, advisers really love the platform to be able to come to one place and do everything they need to do is a home run. They’re thrilled with it, we’re in the process of rolling it out to all of our advisers, it’s available to every single adviser today, and they’re continuing to adopt it. It’s been a huge home run and we’re really excited to demo it for advisers this week.

My full interview with Jon is on the FPPad YouTube channel, so visit fppad.com/flashbriefing to get all the links to today’s top stories.

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