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From September 3, 2013, Stephen Wershing, president of The Client Driven Practice, speaks with me about the incorrect assumptions advisors have surrounding referrals, technology that can augment the referral process, and successful ways to use LinkedIn for referrals.

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Dan Moisand, Principal of Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC and past president of the Financial Planning Association speaks about FPA Retreat 2013. Find out what you can learn when you attend Retreat, where this year’s theme is “Change: Surviving it, Managing It, Creating It.”

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Market76 is a new provider in the financial adviser CRM space, having launched its platform publicly in mid-2011.

Co-founder Frank Eden discusses how Market 76 handles security of its clients’ data, monetizes the software to generate revenue (Market76 is free to adviser users), and pushes the envelope in what CRM software can do.

Peter Giza, founder of Spitbrook Consulting and former CTO of RedBlack software, is appearing at FPA Business Solutions scheduled for March 7-9 in Chicago, IL. In his session, Giza will address threats advisers face from hackers and social engineering and identify things to do to deflect such attacks. I asked Giza for a preview of his session for FPA Business Solutions in this lastest episode of FPPad On Air.

Written communications make up a significant portion of your client “touches,” between all of the emails, newsletters, and blog posts you write. But sometimes your message falls flat. There are a few simple strategies you can employ to make your communication more effective and engaging. In this broadcast, Neil Rhein of Bull’s Eye Financial Communications shares his favorite techniques you can use to make sure your message is heard.

Windows 8 is here. Microsoft Surface RT tablets are here. Does that mean you should run out and buy them? Matt Abar, CEO of FinFolio has experience with Windows 8 from both the developer and consumer perspective. Watch Abar discuss the pros and cons of Windows 8 and what it will mean for financial advisers.

So you’re not exactly sure if podcasts need to be part of your marketing collateral. So I asked Blane Warrene, SVP of Customer Communications at RegEd, for some advice on podcasts for financial advisors. Hear what tools advisors will need, what content to use for podcasts, and how to host and syndicate podcast files.

I used to use Tungle to avoid “email Battleship” when scheduling meetings with clients and prospects. Unfortunately it shut down, so I sought out alternatives. One promising tool is Doodle, so I spoke with Doodle founder and CEO Myke Naef about the company’s attempt to bring public calendars to a broader audience.

Redtail Technology CEO Brian McLaughlin and Mobile Assistant president Corey Westphal meet with me to talk about their integration of mobile dictation services with the leading CRM software in use by financial advisers.

Wes Stillman, founder of Right Size Solutions, talks about the costs involved in moving on-premises servers to the cloud, how to get your data back if you separate from your cloud provider, and how new products from Apple and Microsoft are changing the technology landscape for financial advisors.

Steven Ryder, president of True North Networks address what financial advisors should do when conducting disaster recovery and business continuity planning, particularly in light of recent events like superstorm Sandy. We also discuss Internet security in general and highlight good security practices as well as two factor authentication.

Russ Thornton of WealthcareForWomen.com joined me to talk about a few apps and tools he uses to efficiently grow his wealth management business.

Bart Wisniowski, CEO of Advisor Websites, joins me to highlight opportunities financial advisers have to improve their website, discuss lead generation strategies, and review integrations with third-party marketing and CRM providers.

RegEd CEO John Schobel and Arkovi CEO Blane Warrene talk about RegEd’s announcement to acquire social media archive provider Arkovi and what that means for the company’s plans for the future