Tamarac 9 is Industry’s Latest Integrated Solution for Advisers

Sure enough, yesterday I posted about announcements coming from technology vendors leading up to Schwab’s IMPACT 2009 Conference.

Today, Tamarac Inc., best known for their SaaS rebalancing solution, announced the release of its Tamarac Advisor® 9 platform (coverage from InvestmentNews). This platform expands on the company’s rebalancing offering to include the following technologies:

  • Advisor Rebalancing & Trading™ – the latest version of the flagship rebalancing application
  • Advisor Performance Reporting™ – a new custom reporting application that can use data from Schwab Performance Technologies® PortfolioCenter® and ByAllAccounts to generate a variety of client reports.
  • Advisor CRM™ – a new CRM built on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and tailored for financial services, all with the look and feel (and easy learning curve!) of Microsoft Outlook.

In addition to these built-in applications, Advisor 9 offers direct integration with PortfolioCenter and MoneyGuidePro’s financial planning software for those advisers who license the programs.

Tamarac Spins Off Outsource Group

For firms who wish to outsource such tasks like daily account reconciliation or quarterly billing, Tamarac is also unveiling a new service group called Tamarac AdvisorServices™.  AdvisorServices can perform many of the routine tasks of portfolio management that can suck up a day’s worth of time from employees, such as trade reconciliation, allocation tolerance monitoring, and generating ad-hoc performance reports.

The really cool thing about AdvisorServices is that for those advisers who use PortfolioCenter, AdvisorServices converts the desktop-based application into one that is hosted on the web. As a result, advisers will be able to view portfolio data in PortfolioCenter wherever they have Internet access, without having to deal with VPN or remote connections (e.g. GoToMyPC and others) to office systems.

So makers of other integrated solutions like Fidelity’s WealthCentral, Adhesion’s WealthADV, and Interactive Advisory Software should pay close attention to Tamarac. In my opinion, Tamarac is poised to quickly conquer the competition and become the industry standard in integrated software for independent registered investment advisers.



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