PODCAST: Advisers using Yammer can enhance collaboration without sacrificing compliance

Advisers experimenting with enterprise social networks now have an option to solve their compliance needs.

Sam Kolbert-Hyle, vice president of business development and strategic initiatives at Smarsh, Inc.

There are a host of new collaboration tools on the market today, all attempting to harness the promise of an enterprise social network.

Services like Chatter, Jive, and Yammer allow you to create your own internal network for your business that resembles many of the popular networks like Facebook and Twitter.

These services offer many new ways to work with colleagues and review important news at a glance, but advisers must address one persistent complication of any new technology: compliance.

Until now, there have been few methods available to capture and archive content posted on enterprise social networks, which is required for all communications related to client service.

Earlier this week, Smarsh, the email and social media compliance provider, announced the launch of Archiving and Compliance for Yammer, the popular enterprise social network.

For more information on Archiving and Compliance for Yammer, I spoke with Sam Kolbert-Hyle, vice president of business development and strategic initiatives at Smarsh.

Listen to the podcast below to learn how these collaboration tools can now be used without sacrificing compliance.


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