New LinkedIn profiles raise compliance concerns as there appears to be no way to hide endorsements

LinkedIn rolled out its new Endorsements feature several months ago to all users. Since then, financial advisers have been worried about publicly displaying Endorsements on their profile, since they can be construed as testimonials which are strictly prohibited by FINRA and the SEC.

Fortunately, hiding Endorsements from one’s public profile is a fairly straightforward process (see: How to hide endorsements from your LinkedIn profile)

But now, LinkedIn is slowly rolling out redesigned profile pages worldwide that appears to remove the “Hide Endorsement” functionality.

Watch the screencast below to see a sample of the new profile design rolled out to one adviser’s account and how the “Hide Endorsement” button is missing.

I’ve reached out to LinkedIn for comment and have not yet received a reply. I’ll update this post accordingly.

(click here to watch on YouTube)


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