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Suffering From Versionitis?

LockComing from the software industry, I had a mandatory introduction to the world of version control software (VCS). Essentially, version control is the concept of securing and archiving many versions of the same file in a multi-user work environment. However, version control shouldn’t exist solely in the domain of software engineers. In fact, financial planning firms can benefit tremendously from implementing a form of version control.

How it works.

First and foremost, VCS provides the ability to manage multiple versions of the same piece of information. Software engineers use it extensively as bugs are corrected in source code and new comments are added that describe functionality or identify subroutine procedures.

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Enhance Meetings with Microsoft OneNote

OneNoteSeveral weeks ago I spotted the Microsoft Across America RV in the parking lot of our building.  There was no way I was going to let a free opportunity to see some of the new technology Microsoft is selling go by.  After a quick lunch, I headed out to their setup.

Inside their demonstration RV, they were featuring a few kinds of business technology, namely their LiveOffice website tools (complete with free domain names, web site, and email accounts) and the quick-scan business card reader.  Although what impressed me the most was their demonstration of OneNote.

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