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Bruckenstein’s Picks for Best of Technology 2008

When you have 2 minutes, go read Joel Bruckenstein’s “The Best of Technology 2008” article at MorningstarAdvisor.

Click here for The Best of Technology 2008.

A tip when you read articles from MorningstarAdvisor: hit “Print” so you don’t have to click on the 1-2-3-4 page links at the bottom.  Get the whole article on one screen with the print preview.  The 4-page split posts are starting to annoy me.

Back to the technology picks.  Bruckenstein’s hardware pick for 2008: a wireless keyboard/mouse combo from Logitech.  He cites a minimum productivity improvement of 5%.

Really?  A keyboard/mouse combo?  Did dual-monitors make the cut, or did the pick have to be something reviewed in 2008?  I think the minimum productivity improvement of an additional monitor starts at 10%.

Has Laborious Client Data Entry Met Its Match?

PreciseFPI recently ran across a new practice management tool on PRWeb of all places.  The tool is called PreciseFP and is available through Spectrum Input, LLC, a software service company based in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Spectrum Input, LLC was founded by Don Whalen, CFP® and Sebastian Skwarek, a specialist in Adobe technology solutions.

Click here to read the PreciseFP press release on PRWeb.

What PreciseFP aims to do is simplify the data gathering and entry process advisers face when bringing a new client into the firm.  I don’t quite make the connection with the phrase “precise financial planning (FP)” to data gathering, but still, the application has promise in streamlining the potential volumes of data gathered by advisers and their staff.  PreciseID is a cooler name, but it’s already taken by Experian.

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