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RetireUp acquires RepPro: Flash briefing for January 11, 2018

Welcome to the FPPad fintech briefing, Here are the top fintech stories you need to know today.


Envestnet | Tamarac Introduces Enhanced Document Vault File-Storage System for its Award-Winning Client Portal

Enable Calendly for Chrome

RetireUp Acquires RepPro, Creating a Powerhouse Digital Retirement Planning Solution

Envestnet | Tamarac Enhances Document Vault

Sharing documents with clients just got a little easier for advisors using the Envestnet | Tamarac platform, as the comprehensive technology solution for advisers just released an enhanced document vault and file storage system.
Previously, advisers using Envestnet | Tamarac had to turn to third party vendors for file sharing solutions, which meant managing two different systems and some decreased efficiency. The enhanced document vault includes support for uploading files in batches, document previews right in the web browser, secure access to the vault via mobile app, and more.

New Calendly Chrome Extension

Are you tired of playing email battleship with clients when scheduling meetings? Online scheduling software Calendly just announced a new extension for the Chrome web browser, allowing Calendly users to easily copy their meeting event links from the sidebar, quickly propose meeting times for an ad hoc meeting, and manually override existing calendar events to book a high priority meeting. The new Chrome extension works best with Gmail and G Suite account, but some of the features also do work with Office 365 and Outlook.com accounts

RetireUp Acquires RepPro

And in retirement planning software news, RetireUp just announced that company is acquiring RepPro, a form automation platform that supports forms for a variety of annuity carriers as well as custodians like TD Ameritrade and Fidelity. The two companies will operate under the RetireUp brand and will be headquartered in Chicago, providing advisors a single solution to generate retirement plans for clients as well as streamline the form creation process to bring the plans to life. Here’s RetireUp President Michael Roth on the RepPro acquisition.

When we were introduced to RepPro, there was an automatic synergy between the functionality of the two platforms as well as the mission both companies shared of making retirement planning more accessible for people and more profitable to advisors. We’re incredibly proud about this partnership and believe that RepPro’s best-in-class software will continue to improve the workflow at every stage of an advisor’s planning process.

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T3 2014: Joel Bruckenstein and David Drucker kick off the 9th annual adviser tech conference

T3 2014 conference

T3 2014 is the place to be and be seen for all things financial adviser technology

T3 2014 Draws Over 600 Attendees

Joel Bruckenstein and David Drucker are no strangers to the technology trends in financial services over the last decade. Their premier conference, Technology Tools for Today, or T3, is in its ninth year, and in that time the duo have been on the front lines of pushing the envelope of technology.

If you’re not attending the event this year, you can still get you day started with the Day 1 conference intro video I created to kick off the event.

And no, you can’t wear a tie to T3! Or at least you shouldn’t. Rumor has it Bruckenstein is walking around with a pair of freshly sharpened scissors!

New Companies Aplenty

Bruckenstein and Drucker announced that this year’s event drew over 600 registered attendees and a record number of new companies launching new products or services built for financial advisers.

Joel Bruckenstein at T3 2014

Joel Bruckenstein welcomes over 600 attendees to T3 2014

A quick tour of the exhibit hall reveals that several of these new companies include Gotham Tech Labs and its Wealthbox CRM platform, Quovo and its portfolio aggregation and analytics platform, and RetireUp and its quick retirement plan illustration tool.

As time allows, check back here at FPPad.com for updates and buzz on some of the best sessions and discussions in and around the show floor.