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Is iPhone Security Adequate for Financial Advisers?

Here’s a quick update to share an article I recently discovered concerning security of data on iPhones.

While this article is directed to lawyers, it is directly applicable to financial advisers who use iPhones to access information about clients.

But don’t the iPhone 3G’s encryption and unlock code features protect data from nefarious characters? No they don’t, according to Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and John W. Simek of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Click here to read their article, Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Use The iPhone: A Security Nightmare.

Don’t Unsuspectingly Broadcast Your Clients’ Most Sensitive Data

Thanks to one of my readers, Bob, for reminding me about potential security issues that don’t receive much attention in the financial adviser space.

If you’re using a standard (i.e. not Bluetooth) wireless keyboard in the office, anything you type is not secure.  This includes all the Social Security Numbers, account numbers, birthdays, email addresses, etc. for your clients that you type day in and day out.

See this YouTube video featuring Steve Gibson of GRC.com addressing the ease at which wireless keyboards can be compromised.

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