Boost your online security with two-factor authentication

After participating virtually (e.g. online) in what was likely the busiest shopping weekend of the year last week, I logged in to reconcile one of my credit card accounts. Lo and behold, they added a new security feature to authenticate my account when I used a second computer to log in.

The timing is perfect as my blog post for Morningstar was just posted yesterday, titled Quickview: Get Enhanced Security With Two-factor Authentication.

So Chase recently added a two-factor authentication process it calls an Identification Code to complete your account logon and verify your identity. This is the first screen I was presented at login:

After clicking Next, I was given the option of receiving my code using several contact methods associated with my account profile. Options included voice or text messages to one of my phone numbers or receiving a code via an email account previously registered to my account.

Just as in my blog post, more and more online providers, including free web-based email programs, social network services, and credit card companies are giving customers the option (and in Chase’s case, requiring) to boost their account security by adding two-factor authentication.


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