[VIDEO] thinkpipes® integration into Veo® platform enables advisers to trade options more efficiently

TD Ameritrade Institutional’s integration of an award-winning trading platform will help advisers manage options strategies in just a few clicks

Time and inflation are eating away at your clients’ portfolios in the current low-return market environment. In response, many of you are considering options to diversify investment strategies, hedge specific sector exposure, or increase portfolio income.

But implementing complex options strategies across hundreds of client accounts exponentially increases the resources you must allocate to traditional portfolio management.

In my latest video spotlight, I spoke with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Jon Patullo about the company’s recent integration of thinkpipes®, named “Best for Options Traders” in 2011 by Barron’s Online Broker Survey, into the Veo® platform.

Patullo also provides a brief overview of the thinkpipes dashboard and how easy it can be to roll a set of options contracts forward across multiple accounts.

(watch thinkpipes® integration powers options trading in TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo® platform on YouTube)


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