How to add pre-configured workflows to popular adviser CRM software

workflow diagram

Adding workflows to CRM can be a time-consuming process. Here’s one plug-and-play solution for popular adviser CRM software.

You may not hear the following message from FPPad all that often, but it seems that in other trade publications, columnists continuously profess how adding workflows to your business drives scalability and profitability.

Sure, it’s true, and sure, it sounds great, but just when you’re ready to add workflows to your existing technology tools, you realize it’s not a 2-hour process.

Far from it.

Fortunately, there is a new solution for advisers that provides a huge library of pre-configured workflows, AND they come ready to drop right in to popular CRM software.

So if you’re part of the 50,000+ users of two specific CRM solutions, read on to find out how you might benefit from pre-configured workflows for your business.

I covered all the details in this month’s Morningstar Advisor column, Enhance Service and Profits With Workflows. Go read it now!



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